Year in Review

What a year! We wanted to take a moment to share our 2018 highlights and thank our customers as we work together to support hybrid teams and the future of work.

Quick Stats

Here’s how our company grew in 2018 as compared to the previous year. We are really flyin’ and it’s all thanks to our customers.

2018 Business Growth
8x Increase in Revenue

Meeting Owl Meetings increased by 14x

Fun Facts

In 2018, our customers had over 300,000 hybrid meetings (14X more than 2017) and met for more than 17 million minutes!

Reminder: hybrid meetings are those with both in-office and remote participants. #RemoteWin

Here are some interesting trends across all Meeting Owl meetings.

#1 day for meetings is Tuesday

Meetings happen most often in the morning in the United States
regardless of timezone

People in the room talk much more than the remote folks.
We need to work harder to include our remote teammates. However, remote and in-person talk time is more equal when there are fewer meeting participants.

People in the room talked 66% of the timepercent-66

Remote participants talked 21% of the time


Participants interrupt each other 5% of the time*


*The remaining 8% of meetings are dead air or silence. Time to scribble notes, soak in the conversation, or admire a coworker’s workspace from afar!

Look Hoo's Talking

Customer Facts

Thank you to our new customers who have become Meeting Owl fans in 2018 and those who have been with us since the beginning. Your support, sharing on social media, referrals, and love of our product have helped us to grow and enable hybrid teams.

9.6x customer growth since 2017

Our customers are a mix of growing businesses and large organizations.

Universities love the Meeting Owl.

Notable Customers in 2018

Nothing makes us happier than our customers’ success.

"The Meeting Owl is the best all in one solution that I've found, and in my opinion is the best value for its price point. I love that it only takes a few minutes to set up and it just works. Now everyone can be seen and heard, and we can focus on helping our customers. Our team is growing fast so we need technology that keeps our hybrid team connected and working well together."

Jeremy Smith
IT and Facilities Operations Manager, Pendo

"We use the Meeting Owl for any and all meetings that involve a remote attendee. It is definitely the preferable way to connect, even though each meeting room in our space still has a separate system built in. With the Meeting Owl, remote participants feel more connected with in-room attendees, improving discussion and flow of meetings. We value the ease of use and continuous innovation from Owl Labs."

Cyndi Chan Gately
Director of Finance, Administration, and Strategic Initiatives, MIT Sloan Executive Education

Kudos to all who work hard to make communication inclusive for all their teammates. For anyone interested in trying a Meeting Owl, learn how it could help your meetings. Cheers to you and your team’s success!

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