Sometimes at work, it feels like it's a competition of who can sound the smartest in meetings (Sarah Cooper, am I right?): Who has the best slides, who has the most meetings, whose shoes click the loudest when they walk down the office halls?

No? That's just me? Cool.

Meetings play a major role in the workplace and we've all felt some things about them. Here are some hilarious tweets about meetings that many of us can relate to.

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Hilarious Tweets About Meetings

1. This meeting should have been an email.

2. The first person to a meeting definitely deserves a medal.

3. When you're running late and your communication options are limited.

4. The face you make when your co-worker starts rattling off numbers.

5. When work infiltrates your dreams.

6. Honestly, respect the refresh and give us space.

7. The truest timeline ever created.

8. The worst feeling. #WFH struggles.

9. It's only decent.

10. All we do is meet, meet, meet no matter what.

11. A "viral tweet" when it gets over 10 likes, am I right?


13. When your butt falls asleep, try this.

14. Sometimes things can go awry ... thanks, Murphy's Law.

15. Let's circle back on that.

16. Can you just send me an email of the recording?

17. When the jargon game is strong.

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