One of the biggest benefits of remote work is that it allows you to work from anywhere. For some remote workers, this can mean from the comfort of their own home or a local co-working space. But others take advantage of flexible work by working from -- and traveling to -- different locations around the world.

In this post, we'll explore some of the most popular remote work travel programs -- where they travel to, the span of the trip, and what the programs' costs include.

Work and Travel

Digital nomads— location-agnostic remote workers— work from anywhere, and they sometimes take full advantage of that by traveling around the world while still doing their job. And with the increase in workers who identify as digital nomads— 4.8 million Americans as of last year— numerous remote work travel programs have been built to meet the demand of remote workers who want to travel the world with a community of other like-minded people and seek assistance getting set up with housing, co-working spaces, and WiFi in other countries.

This way, digital nomads don't have to travel alone and can live and work with other remote workers, so even without an office, they can still network and build professional and friendly connections.

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Ready to join the Work From Anywhere Movement? Remote Year is one of the most popular programs for digital nomads, but there are other companies similar to Remote Year too. Take a look at these remote work travel programs and see which will work best for you.

1. Remote Year

Cost: $2,250 per month (varies)

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, travel between itinerary locations, co-working space, professional and social programming

Remote Year offers four-month and 12-month itineraries that let participants travel to different cities and countries each month of the program. Upcoming itineraries include travel to cities like Kuala Lumpur, Lisbon, Cape Town, and Mexico City, and the program sets up accommodations and co-working spaces for attendees in exciting neighborhoods in each city. For digital nomads who want to minimize hassle and see as much of the world as possible, Remote Year handles the planning, booking, and programming so you can make the most of your team in each city you visit while living and working with a community. Learn more about Remote Year here.

2. Hacker Paradise

Cost: $2,190 per month (varies)

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space, professional and social programming

Hacker Paradise is similar to Remote Year in many ways, but offers greater flexibility for participants in planning their travel and length of stay in each location. Participants can travel and work with Hacker Paradise for as little as two weeks, or they can travel with them for months at a time. Upcoming itineraries include trips to Tel Aviv, Medellin, Buenos Aires, and Marrakech. Learn more about Hacker Paradise here.

3. Coworkations

Cost: $2,000 per month

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space, travel from airports to accommodations, professional and social programming

Coworkations offers monthly itineraries in a variety of different cities around the world, which is optimal for the remote worker with a limited amount of time to travel and work as a digital nomad who's looking for hassle-free adventure. Their upcoming itinerary is a trip to Thailand, where you'll work with other entrepreneurs while traveling through Ko Samui. Learn more about Coworkations here.

4. Behere

Cost: $1,400 - $1,900 per month (varies)

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space and fitness studio membership, access to local city hosts

Behere is a remote working community for women that helps them book housing, co-working spaces, and gym memberships in the city they're visiting. Booking through Behere requires a minimum of a 30-day stay at accommodations listed on its platform, which are always private, and its co-working spaces and fitness studio memberships are premium, too. Women can book in places like Barcelona, Bali, Lisbon, and Prague. This option might be best for women who are comfortable and happier traveling and working alone, versus the community-based options offered by other programs. Learn more about Behere here.

5. Venture with Impact

Cost: $2,100 - $2,500 per month (varies)

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space, day trips, professional and language support, partnership a with local nonprofit or volunteer organization

Venture with Impact is all about connecting digital nomads with local volunteer or advocacy opportunities in the cities they're visiting so they can immerse themselves and help others while they travel. Participants can stay in the city they're visiting for trips as short as a month, or they can extend their stays and receive a discounted fee for each additional month they book. Cities participants can visit include Medellin, Lisbon, and Chiang Mai. Learn more about Venture With Impact here.

6. No Desk Project

Cost: $2,900 - $3,499 per retreat

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space, professional and social programming

No Desk Product is a travel booking platform that curates worldwide retreats attendees can purchase, along with discounted travel to those locations. For example, digital nomads can book trips to Bali for yoga and meditation, Buenos Aires and Medellin for dance, and Kolkata for volunteer work. Then, once they've selected a program, they can book travel through the No Desk Project app to the city they're visiting at a discount. This option might be best for digital nomads who want to learn or hone a talent or passion project while they're traveling and working remotely. Learn more about No Desk Project here.

7. WiFi Tribe

Cost: $900 - $2,000 per retreat

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space, weekend trips and activities

WiFi Tribe was started by a group of remote nomads who weren't satisfied with traditional work experiences. This one central "Tribe" has continued to travel, bringing new members who feel the same way about working remotely and experiencing the world. You'll meet new people, network with other members, and gain life-changing experiences throughout the world.

The sessions are broken up into four-week "chapters" that are in a new city around the world. After every four weeks, the group packs up and heads to a new location to work and live. It makes it easy to stay for however many periods as you want, without being stuck in the same location for months on end. The price per chapter is cheaper the more you book, so you'll be incentivized to check out new places! Learn more about WiFi Tribe here.

8. Nomad Academy


Cost Includes: Accommodations, flights between cities, co-working spaces, a premium online course, weekly workshops

Nomad Academy is much like the other programs, but tailored to include classroom learning experiences. You'll travel through two countries in 12 weeks while taking an online course focused on entrepreneurship. Personal mentoring, workshops, flights, and co-working spaces are all included to help you push yourself and achieve.

Nomad Academy is perfect for those looking to gain valuable entrepreneurial experience while being a digital nomad. It focuses on your own personal growth as well, with workshops and trainings on the practical of the business world and teachings on finding yourself. Their next session will be in Southeast Asia, so start applying! Learn more about Nomad Academy here.

9. Selina

Cost: Depends on location and length of stay

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space

If you'd like to travel and work but prefer to do it at your own pace, Selina is right for you! It's a platform where you can find separate lodging, co-working spaces, and activities to book all around the world. Pay as you go for lodging or co-working space, or rent surfboards for a fun day in the ocean. It was founded by two surfers, so most locations have great spots for waves as well.

Locations are chosen so that co-working space is included nearby for the benefit of digital nomads. Although they aren't in a combined package, you can choose daily, weekly, or monthly passes depending on the length of your stay. It's perfect for those who aren't sure about being in a dedicated program or work best on their own schedule. Volunteering is essential to Selina, with each member expected to do something during their stay that benefits the local community. Each location has community service programs, such as building local infrastructure, cleaning the environment, or teaching English to locals. Learn more about Selina here.

If you want to travel and work remotely but don't know where to start the process, one of these travel programs might be the right choice for you. To learn more, read about how to become a digital nomad next.

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