Being a remote worker on either a hybrid team or a fully remote team can sometimes feel lonely, but Reddit provides a place to share and discuss ideas with fellow digital nomads. At some companies, remote employees are the only one in their city, state, or even country. At others, you may meet up with coworkers at shared workspaces like WeWork or local coffee shops if you are craving some in-person co-working time. Sometimes, though, you just need to bounce ideas and ask for advice from fellow virtual workers, like what video conferencing platform they use, or the best noise-canceling headphones for when your family or roommates are around and you are trying to code.

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Reddit is a helpful tool for individual contributors, managers, and executives alike. If you're trying to get a pulse on how employees in certain industries feel or the latest remote work technology that your team needs, Reddit provides a place to ask questions and get honest feedback from folks online. It also a great place to find remote team building ideas and create mutual connections for team bonding.

One tip before you jump in and start perusing Reddit: Don't try to use it to advertise or sell products. The Reddit community doesn't like self-promotion, especially within channels meant for idea-sharing. Each subreddit has rules and regulations, so check those out before you start posting or commenting on threads, too.

1. r/remotework

This subreddit is a general channel with threads related to finding remote jobs, video conferencing apps, Slack alternatives, suggestions for daily vs. weekly team standups, and more. If you are on a remote team, manage a remote team, or are a remote freelancer, you'll find like-minded Redditors to get great advice from.

2. r/digitalnomad

Digital nomads leverage technology so that they can live and work all over the world. This subreddit is a good place to ask questions about technology, tools, and tips for leading a nomadic lifestyle and maintaining a remote career. Ask for advice on negotiation, trip planning, approaching significant others about the lifestyle, and more.

3. r/workonline

WorkOnline is a place to learn how to start working online, get advice from those who have had success finding online jobs or freelancing, and how to earn money from home. Folks in this community review sites they've used to find online work and post availability and projects for remote workers.

4. r/telecommuting

This telecommuting subreddit is a space where people post remote jobs, video conferencing technology, home office advice, project management tools, and more. This group has threads about international remote work, PC suggestions for remote employees, and how to start working remotely for the first time.

5. r/skipthedrive

Skip The Drive is similar to the telecommuting subreddit and is for those exploring remote work. There are posts about remote job opportunities, interesting industry articles and discussions, and advice for remote team communication.

6. r/remotejobr

This subreddit helps people find remote jobs and is kept very up-to-date. There are postings for remote customer service jobs, remote engineering jobs, remote programming jobs, remote design jobs, and more. Each listing is categorized and includes information about requirements.

7. r/technology

The technology subreddit has 6.8 million subscribers and is a general channel to discuss all things tech. This is a good place to read about and discuss current tech developments and keep a read on what is to come.

8. r/todayilearned

Today I Learned (TIL) is a good channel for team building and a format that you can use to initiate team discussions on Slack. It is a place to learn about random topics and have conversations about little-known facts and stories from history. If you are a remote or hybrid manager, ask your team to find a thread from this channel that interests them and share it with the team on Slack.

9. r/managers

The managers subreddit is a place for managers of any kind to get feedback and have conversations on Reddit. Ask questions and read threads about building employee morale, motivate staff to be autonomous, vent, find mentorship, and more. For remote managers, if you are ever feeling like you don't know who to ask for advice, try this channel. Sometimes strangers on the internet can be facing the same issues and you will find a sense of camaraderie with other managers.

10. r/business

Finally, r/business is a place to keep up with business-related news in one simple place. This thread is updated with current articles and trends and can help you or your remote team stay relevant with recent business news in the same place as each other.

For those looking for industry-specific remote jobs, there are many unique subreddits for this purpose. Search for your career or industry and the word remote and you'll likely find a place where Redditors add new remote job opportunities regularly. If you have other suggestions for subreddits for remote workers and hybrid teams, we'd love for you to share them with us on Twitter.

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