It is safe to say that the workforce culture is changing significantly with millennials becoming the majority of the working population. Millennials are expected to be 50% of the global workforce by 2020. Traditional work methods and the routine 9-5 mindset is quickly dying out. Millennials grew up in the age of technology and are bringing that ideology with them when it comes to their careers, ideally remote careers. The belief of a healthy work-life balance is extremely important to this group, but why is providing millennials with remote jobs a good idea?

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Change of workplace environment

Millennials get tired of going into the same building and sitting at the same desk five days a week. Wouldn’t you feel more creative being able to work in different settings and environments? A change of location can lead to the cultivation of new ideas. Millennials understand that technology allows them to be productive from anywhere

Defining success

Traditionally, one who was climbing the corporate ladder was viewed as a successful person. Millennials don't see it that way. Success to them is having control over how and when they work. A millennial survey conducted by Deloitte showed that 16.8% of millennials evaluate career opportunities by good work-life balance, followed by 13.4% who look for opportunities to progress and be leaders. 11% seek remote job options and flexible remote work policies.

Millennials value a flexible work from home job

Free lunches and perks don't excite millennials. A survey done by Ladder revealed that 64% of millennials are excited about flexible hours and the ability to work from home. It is no longer enough to throw fancy perks at employees without allowing them the freedom that millennials want. A study done by YouGov showed that tech companies primarily dominate when it comes to recruiting the best young talent. Google, Amazon, and Netflix measured above 50% when it came to asking people 18-24 if they would be proud to work for these companies.

Millennials are on 24/7

With the idea of flexibility in mind, millennials are never offline. That's one of the perks and curses of growing up in the boom of technology and social media. Millennials don't know how to "log off." The never-offline and always-available workplace is all they know. It used to be that once a person left the office, they would clock out of work completely. With millennials, there is always time to check emails, shop, work, text, and chat before bed.

Avoiding burnout

Companies that offer remote work options have 25% less turnover  than companies that don't. Without remote work options, millennials may burn out quicker and move on to a different company. In the Deloitte millennial survey, 66% of millennials said they expect to leave their jobs by 2020. If you want to keep your millennial employees happy and loyal, then giving them the option to work from home is the way to go. In fact, employees who work remotely at least once per month are 24% happier than those who never work remotely.

Provide your millennial employees with the option to be more efficient in an environment they feel comfortable enough to thrive in. It will lead to you securing more young talent and keeping them longer.

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