Whether you have a brand new office space to make ready for your team or you’re revamping and optimizing an old space, Owl Labs’ new comprehensive office design toolkit will take you through the steps you need to create an optimal workspace.

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What’s included?

  • Step-by-step office design planning checklist
  • What are your office design objectives? Universal objectives to get you started
  • Office design inspiration (+Pinterest boards of ideas for different styles).
  • Choosing your office design layout
  • The key components of your office and how to incorporate them into your office design
  • Data on what technologies businesses are using based on employee size
  • How to incorporate your brand identity into your office design

In the meantime, here are are a few tips from the Owl Labs team on how to think about your Office Design process.

  • You don’t have to do it all at once - Office design revamps are pricey. You don’t have to do it all at once. Start with one thing at a time -- like updating your meeting room furniture or technology -- and slowly progress until everything is how you want it.
  • Work with a partner or interior design agency - Many companies choose to work with agencies that specialize in office revamps. Some agencies even help get special discounts. These solutions can make it easier for you to stick with what you know and push the stress of office design aside.
  • Optimize your office for the remote worker - More and more workers are choosing to work from home (or wherever they feel most effective) and are working remotely either part of the time or full time. If you want to able to attract the best talent, enabling remote work as an available option is important. Optimize for the remote experience by making sure you have the technology to make it happen. Try the Meeting Owl -- an all-in-one 360º camera built just for that purpose, and pair it with your favorite video conferencing software to check this item off your list.
  • Cheaper doesn’t mean better - Remember to invest in the things that are a priority for you and your company. Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s better. Don’t forget to set priorities on what matters most and invest accordingly.

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For even more tips, and ideas to decorate your work office, check out the office design toolkit -- get started here