Distance education courses have been on the rise over the last decade as new technologies have become available to teachers and institutions. In fact, over six million students were enrolled in at least one or more online or distance education courses in 2017.

However, that's not to say that distance learning is universally accepted. Debates over whether online learning can be as effective as traditional classroom courses are as frequent as they were at the start of online education.

The truth is that distance courses can be engaging and effective, just like traditional classrooms. New technologies, like the Meeting Owl classroom camera, are enabling more interactive, engaging distance courses using video as well as online learning management software. By setting it in the center of a classroom, the Meeting Owl uses sensors to display different students throughout the room as they talk and interact. The result is an experience that allows students and instructors to engage more effectively in the group setting.

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It's a new era of distance learning -- one that seeks to provide all distance education students with the same quality of engagement that traditional students receive while learning together in-person.

8 Key Distance Learning Statistics

1. Online enrollment at both public and private universities has increased over the last several years. [Source]

2. In 2017, over 6 million students were enrolled in distance education courses. [Source]

3. The eLearning market is anticipated to be a $37.6 billion market by 2020. [Source]

4. By 2019, video will be in charge of 80% of the web activity on the planet. [Source]

5. 67% of people now use their mobile devices to access learning of some sort. [Source]

6. Social learning approaches have a 75:1 ROI proportion over electronic preparing. [Source]

7. 81% of US college students say digital technology helps boost their grades. [Source]

Below, read "The Rise of Engaged Distance Learning" infographic. It includes all of the latest stats, tips, and tools you need to make your distance education courses more effective. 

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The popularity of distance learning has been on the rise over the last several years. With the rise in popularity, new learning methods and technologies have evolved to make distance learning more engaging and effective. Are you still using poor distance learning methods? Find out how to make distance learning more engaging and effective below.

Tips for Building Engaging Distance Learning Courses

  1. Engage students with video. Don't just upload lectures and slides to an LMS. Instead, use social learning approaches to engage students in thoughtful discussion via video conferencing. 
  2. Utilize group projects. Use group projects and exercises to help students engage with material. Students can use video to connect regardless of location.
  3. Create relationships. The best distance learning courses should be as effective and engaging as traditional classroom settings. Use the right tools to foster relationship building.
  4. Use the right tools. Choose a Learning Management System (LMS), video conferencing software, and a 360-degree classroom camera to support your students and to facilitate great conversations in your virtual classroom.

What's Next?

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